Help Me Celebrate My Birthday

304096_2494085874876_1334695235_2789418_425451928_nThis weekend as I celebrate my 55th birthday, I wanted to do something to make some impact. Oh sure, I’m excited about the possibility of lower prices at Denny’s, but in the grand scheme of things there are more profound legacies to pursue than a cheaper Grand Slam Breakfast. So, I’m going to use this year’s milestone birthday to hopefully benefit the work of Loving One by One in Uganda (LOBO).

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, or if you’ve known me for a while, chances are you’ve heard of LOBO. Started in 2003 by Ken and Sherry Roberts, LOBO is making a huge impact in and around the City of Kampala, Uganda. Kampala is a city of approximately 1.8 million people – 1.5 million of whom are living in severe poverty conditions. Through their school (New Creation Center) and children’s home (New Creation Family Home), LOBO is making real progress at lessening the impact of poverty in Kampala, and giving hope and a new start to the next generation.

In addition to the children’s home and school, LOBO also sends teams of volunteers into villages and slum areas twice a year to operate one-day medical clinics. Over a two-week period, thousands of patients are treated for everything from minor infections to malaria, typhoid, life-threatening heart conditions and more. It was through volunteering on one of these teams that I first became involved with LOBO in 2011, and I was able to serve in this way again in 2013. I look forward to returning again in 2015. I’m attracted to the odd-numbered years for some reason.

OK, so back to the birthday thing. To celebrate my birthday this year, I’m going to write a blog post every day beginning Monday July 21st to highlight one of the ways LOBO is making an impact in Uganda. Oh but that’s not all, my friends. With each informative and entertaining blog post, you will be hit up, I mean, given the opportunity to support LOBO financially. It is my hope that as I celebrate this birthday (a birthday which I have to admit bothers me a little), I will finish the week with many of you deciding to support the New Creation Center, or the New Creation Family Home, or the Hope Fund, or Future Expansion Projects. I’ll end the week by writing about my own plans for next summer with LOBO in Uganda, and trying to persuade some of you to consider going there with me.

So whether I like it or not, I’m getting old. Might as well embrace it and enjoy the Denny’s discounts. And, might as well use the moment to make an impact in an organization that I’ve made a personal long-term commit to work with.  I plan to keep going to Uganda as long as I’m able, and  I look forward to sharing more with you all next week!


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