Help Me Celebrate…. New Creation Family Home

This week as I celebrate my 55th birthday, I wanted to do something to make some impact. Oh sure, I’m excited about the possibility of lower prices at Denny’s, but in the grand scheme of things there are more profound legacies to pursue than a cheaper Grand Slam Breakfast. So, I’m going to use this year’s milestone birthday to hopefully benefit the work of Loving One by One in Uganda (LOBO).

ncfh  Today’s blog features New Creation Family Home (NCFH). By the way, if you haven’t noticed already, Loving One by One (LOBO) is all about the initials… LOBO, NCC, and today NCFH.

NCFH is in many ways the “home base” of Loving One by One. It is in operation every day of the year – unlike New Creation Center (our school), which observes a normal school schedule with breaks throughout the year. NCFH is located about an hour outside of Kampala, on nine acres of beautiful land high up in the hills. The views are spectacular from all directions.

gr land view

We stay away from the term “orphanage,” preferring to calling our home a “family home.” Some of our 17 children are orphans, some aren’t; however, all of them are in need of a home for various reasons. When a child moves into NCFH, we assume that child is with us until he or she is grown and ready to move on. Which means, those generous people who sponsor NCFH children are taking on a long-term responsibility. The children are given a bed, clothing, three good meals a day, an education, and most importantly – a family. It’s a happy place – I’ve visited NCFH many times, and every time there’s singing and dancing and lots of fun stuff going on. Oh sure, I’d like to think the singing and dancing happened because I was there. But the reality is the singing and dancing is normal for NCFH, and on my visits the singing and dancing took place in spite of the fact that I was there.

If the idea of a child with no chance moving into a great home and becoming part of a family, and being given every opportunity appeals to you, you may want to consider sponsoring one of these children. As is the case everywhere, it costs money to raise children. However, many things are a bargain in Uganda and you can provide room and board, clothing, an education and a FAMILY for a NCFH child for $40 a month. Yes, you read that correctly – Forty Dollars a Month. I wish I had known this years ago; I could have raised my daughter in Uganda.

All kidding aside, although I used the word “bargain” in the above paragraph, there is nothing cheap or lacking about New Creation Family Home. I’ve had an opportunity to visit several orphanages in my life, and I can say this is one of the best. From the location to the staff to the children themselves who care about each other like a family – you won’t find a better way to spend $40 a month.

ncfh girls

If you’d like to sponsor a child at NCFH, or if you’d like further information, contact me at I’ll connect you with Sherry Roberts of Loving One by One, and you’ll be on your way.

Thanks! Tomorrow – The Hope Fund. Hold on for crazy stories…


**Photos…. Top – New Creation Family Home, in its new location…. Middle – the view from NCFH to the valley below…. Bottom – Our NCFH girls and Mama Sarah.


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