Leave the Ice Buckets to the Trained Professionals

For the past few weeks, a lot of people (mostly Americans) have been filling buckets with ice water and dumping those buckets on themselves and of course, filming the activity. It’s part of the the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, all in an attempt to raise awareness, and hopefully money, for the horrible disease known as “ALS.” We use the initials because the name is just too darn long… Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Sometimes it’s known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, because it’s what killed Lou Gehrig. Strangely enough, even though it’s sometimes called “Lou Gehrig’s Disease,” as far as I know no one refers to it by the initials “LGD.”

But I digress, as I often do. ALS, or LGD, is bad and raising awareness of it is good. Raising money to help fight it is better. That’s all good. But this ice bucket challenge thing… I don’t know.

I’m not going to be like the annoying Facebook finger-waggers and condemn people for doing it; wasting water and all that. There are some people who have raised finger-wagging to an art form, and I sincerely doubt that those people who gripe about the ice bucket challenge wasting water really do all that much to save water in other ways. Sure, I’m being judgmental, but I’m probably right. Finger-waggers are the most annoying people on earth, and you can wag back at them, but the best thing is to just ignore them. Not that they’ll go away, but at least you won’t have wasted your time and attention on them.

But to get to my main point, as indicated in the title of this blog post… I think we should just leave the ice bucket thing to the trained professionals, and by trained professionals I mean “Celebrities.” There are many reasons why celebrities are more qualified to video themselves dumping buckets of ice water on their heads than the rest of us regular people…

1. Celebrities need attention. Sure, many of us like attention and seek attention, but it’s a proven medical fact that most celebrities will actually die without the proper amount of attention. That’s why they become celebrities. If too many of us regular people get involved with dumping buckets of ice water on our heads and making videos of the act, it may divert much-needed attention from the celebrities, and that could cause harm.

2. It’s an official “bandwagon,” and celebrities are good at bandwagon things. A “bandwagon” isn’t a conveyance for musicians. It’s a three-syllable name for “fad.” It’s something people do because other people are doing it. Everyone likes bandwagons, but celebrities are better at jumping onto bandwagons than the rest of us unwashed masses (although the bucket of ice water may help with the unwashed thing). I normally try to avoid bandwagons, but celebrities really like them, and probably need them. They have assistants and money and really nice buckets and pools and all kinds of other cool things to really propel this bandwagon along. Let them have it.

3. Celebrities usually known when to say when. It’s celebrity involvement that makes a fad happen, that makes a bandwagon move. When celebrities stop doing something, the bandwagon stops; the cool factor goes away. I predict this ice bucket thing will run its course by late September – partly because the weather will get cooler, but mostly because all the celebrities who need to dump ice water on their heads will have done it by then, and then it won’t matter that much anymore.

4. And finally, celebrities are better at performing goofy stunts on video than the average dorks (like you and I) are. Celebrities have spent a good amount of time purposely getting themselves noticed. They normally don’t look stupid, at least not as often as your run-of-the-mill knuckleheads (like you and I) do. To illustrate what I mean, take a look at the video below of uncool people (like you and I) attempting but failing the ice bucket challenge…

In conclusion, I have no problem with raising awareness for ALS or LGD. I know my awareness has been raised. I’m happy that the ALS/LGD people have made millions of dollars the past few weeks. But for everyone’s safety and psychological well being, I would encourage you to leave your ice in your freezer, put your buckets back in your garages, and let the celebrities make fools of themselves on camera. That’s their job.


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