Uganda 2015: Families and Neighborhoods


Someone’s house, Acholi Quarter, near Kampala, Uganda

The problems in Uganda (and other similar countries) are so overwhelming, that sometimes trying to address them feels like trying to empty the Pacific Ocean with a teaspoon. It’s just too much. Last time I checked statistics, there are approximately 1.8 million people living in and around the City of Kampala, and out of that 1.8 million people, approximately 1.5 million live in varying degrees of poverty. If that statistic is true, or possibly true, then over 80 percent of a large city is struggling with poverty, sometimes life-threatening poverty.

Along with poverty comes inability to go to school, unavailable healthcare, malnutrition, and producing generation after generation who expect the same kind of life.

But when you add an organization like Loving One by One into the picture, things change. We can’t solve all of Uganda’s, or even Kampala’s problems. We can, and we are, changing individual families and neighborhoods by…

Little girl in yellow dress, LOBO Medical Clinic, Acholi Quarter, Kampala

Providing ongoing, non emergent medical care to the same neighborhoods year after year, which is producing a healthier next generation;

Providing emergency, life-saving medical care to individuals facing extreme need;

Providing education to families through the high school level;

Providing a home for a handful of children in extreme need, where they will learn to establish healthy homes of their own.

That’s why I keep going back to Uganda, and why I’ll be returning in June of this year. If you’d like to help me go, you are invited to a special event on March 15 in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Some talented friends of mine have agreed to participate in “Charley’s Uganda 2015 Concert.” Join singer/songwriter John Torres, jazz pianist Charles Williams, and ukulele performers Heidi Swedberg and Daniel Ward as we enjoy the sunset, the Pacific views and great music, and learn about LOBO’s work in Uganda. You’ll have an opportunity to support my trip if you’re interested.

Me with students at New Creation Centre, Kampala (2013)

Me with students at New Creation Centre, Kampala (2013)

For further details and the exact location of “Charley’s Uganda 2015 Concert,” contact me at and I’ll fill you in! Hope to see you there.


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