Five Reasons to Go Back to Uganda #1: It Shouldn’t Be this Hard for Kids

img_1445.jpgI used to be a more enthusiastic blogger. But I’ve gotten older (as has everyone), and I’m finding it takes a bit more to get me to put forth the effort to write posts. One thing that always motivates me – come on, say it with me – Uganda.

This summer I’m returning to Uganda for what will be my 5th trip there, to serve once again with Loving One by One. Five times is a lot to go anywhere, and Uganda isn’t exactly Maui – so why would I want to keep going back? Well, since this is the fifth time, and I need to write blog posts, I thought I’d write five blog posts telling you Five Reasons to Go Back to Uganda.

Reason #1: It Shouldn’t Be this Hard for Kids. But in Uganda, it is very hard for kids. Not every kid gets to go to school; just maybe the one or two in the family who the parents (usually the mother because dads typically don’t hang around) feel has a decent chance of doing well in school. Most kids who do start school, don’t finish school. Not every kid eats every day. That’s another decision a lot of Ugandan moms have to make – which kids eat today, and which ones wait until tomorrow. The water is full of bacteria, and one of the unpleasant byproducts of that water is a nasty little intestinal parasite, affecting 100’s of thousands of Ugandan children.

Then there’s malaria. Lots of it. Malaria is the leading cause of death in Uganda, and approximately 13% of Ugandan children under 5 years old die from it.

But it shouldn’t be this hard for kids. That’s one reason I’m going back to Uganda – all these problems are fixable. Loving One by One successfully treats children (and adults) for malaria all the time. We provide food for many families in our local community. We provide deworming tablets to effectively treat intestinal parasites, which then allows children to be better nourished from the small amount of food available to them. And, we provide a free K-8th education for children in our community.

It shouldn’t be this hard for Ugandan kids. So Loving One by One is doing something about it, and I’m happy to help. This summer, I’ll be in Uganda for a month, helping with all these problems. If you’d like to help support this project, I’d welcome your support.

On March 31st in Torrance, California, I will be hosting the “Music for Uganda 2019” Concert. The concert is at 4:00 pm, and the location is at 308 Maple Ave, Torrance, 90503 (thank you, Life Covenant Church, for the use of your building). If you’d like to attend this FREE event, you’ll enjoy good music, and you’ll also enjoy good tacos, because I know a guy.

If you’re not able to attend the concert on March 31st, but would still like to support my 2019 Uganda project, please contact me at for more info. Thanks!



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