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One More Thing About the Carpet

Dear Catholic Interior Design Dept., Just one more thought about carpeting in your churches. Let’s say it’s 5 minutes before time to start a Christmas program, and the music teacher/director is standing inches away from the piano player, trying to … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Catholics Have Carpet?

This morning I rehearsed with students from St. James Catholic School in Redondo Beach, and the rehearsal was held in St. James Catholic Church. Before the rehearsal began around 8:45 or so, there was a mass held in the church. … Continue reading

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Good Stuff in the Blog World Lately

It’s good not to have to be original ALL the time, so today I want to refer you to a couple of good things I’ve read lately. First a little background. Yesterday I performed at 112th Street School in Los … Continue reading

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The President, the Reporter, & the Shoes

I saw this article and video this morning. The President made a surprise visit to Iraq to say bye and thanks to the troops there, and held a news conference. At the conference, an Iraqi reporter got mad and the … Continue reading

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Facebook Group Ideas

In an attempt to move with the cool people who use Facebook, I want to start a new Facebook group. A Facebook group, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a group of people who use Facebook and have … Continue reading

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Vital Shipment Arrived Today

Today I received a box containing three dozen reindeer antlers. I’m not going to attempt to explain the importance of this shipment. Let’s just say these bad boys are vital to the fulfillment of my work responsibilities.

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Initial Impressions of Facebook

I joined Facebook a week or two ago. Actually, that’s wrong. I joined Facebook last July, but got too lazy/busy to fully get my site going. But then I got a burst of Facebook inspiration (I think I’m going to … Continue reading

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