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The President, the Reporter, & the Shoes

I saw this article and video this morning. The President made a surprise visit to Iraq to say bye and thanks to the troops there, and held a news conference. At the conference, an Iraqi reporter got mad and the … Continue reading

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Two Weeks to Finish Counting

Apparently, the State of Misouri has completed their ballot count for the November 4 election. Finally. After two weeks. The winner of Misouri, by the way, was McCain. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE????? COUNT FASTER!!!! Seriously, I … Continue reading

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Being Weighed for Secretary of State

According to a few headlines I’ve read, Hillary Clinton is being weighed for the Sec of State position. What’s the deal with that? Is there a weight requirement? Does she weigh enough or, God forbid, too much? Our surrent Sec … Continue reading

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Lindsay Lohan has apparently referred to Obama as our “first colored president.” And she’s excited that we now have a colored president. Gee, you wouldn’t normally expect moronic stuff from someone like LIndsay Lohan.

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Post Election Ponderings

Now that it’s finally over, I have a bunch of questions about the election, and elections in general. Of course, I realize that worldwide I only have about 8 readers, so I don’t know how much effect this will have. … Continue reading

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Being Excited About Someone You’re Not Really Excited About

OK, I’m just going to be direct and honest here. McCain is losing. I wish he was winning, but he probably isn’t going to win. I know polls aren’t everything, but they are something. And while various polls have various numbers … Continue reading

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I’m Imposing a Ban on Cliches

As I sit here watching the Presidential Debate, I’m making a new rule, and I hope Sen’s McCain and Obama will read this and follow it. Senator McCain is no longer allowed to use the word “maverick.”              Senator Obama is … Continue reading

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