Male Friendships vs. Female Friendships

There are several features you’ll find in woman-to-woman friendships, that you won’t find in man-to-man friendships. For example…

1. Some women like to shop together, particularly if the women are in the 14-25 age bracket. This isn’t so much about obtaining necessary items, as it is a bonding experience. Men also share this bonding experience; however, don’t ADMIT they shop together. They won’t plan something like this. But it’s not unheard of for guys to be hanging out together, and one of them will say, “Hey, there’s a golf sale at Sportmart – let’s go check it out.” Let me tell ya – it’s not all about the golf stuff.

2. Hugging is common to men and women, but women hug their women friends differently than guys hug their guy friends. Woman-to-woman hugs are, well, normal; guy-to-guy hugs are either a) short and kind of self-conscious, or b) resembling some sort of football maneuver – a kind of crashing into one another and crushing of ribs. Guys in general need to work on their hugs. (I finally had to tell this one guy at church that he was hurting my back!)

3. Women friends will encourage one another on what they’re wearing (i.e., that looks cute on you). Guys will never say to one another, “Those pants look cute on you.” Also, a guy will never ask another guy, “Does this polo shirt make me look fat?”

4. Women will sometimes use the expression “Miss Thing” when a female friend looks or acts especially hip or cool. (I learned this from watching America’s Next Top Model). Men, on the other hand, never refer to each other as “Mr. Thing.” “Mr. Thing” actually sounds like a name for a male body part, and we generally try not to bring that into everyday conversation.

5. Women will sometimes refer to other female friends as “girlfriend.” Men, however, will never, under any circumstances, refer to another man as “boyfriend!”


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2 Responses to Male Friendships vs. Female Friendships

  1. joannmski says:

    Hmm…. what, only five?

  2. Bee says:

    just dropping by…

    what u said is funny but true. 🙂

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