Sometimes Our Hearts Can Lie to Us

Jeremiah 17:9 (The Message) – “The heart is hopelessly dark and deceitful, a puzzle that no one can figure out.”

I had lunch today with one of the smartest, most creative people I’ve ever met. However, he’s also the person who, more than anyone I’ve ever known, has wrecked his life beyond repair. One bad decision, which led to another one, then another – each decision a little more dangerous than the one before. As he continued on his wreckless path, he convinced himself with each downward step that it would all be O.K., somehow.

He just followed his heart.

His series of bad decisions led to the destruction of his family, personal financial ruin, loss of his reputation and career, and complete humiliation. Tonight I have a birthday present in the back of my car for his daughter, who he’s not allowed to see anymore, and who doesn’t want to see him anyway.

But, he’s a friend so I try to get together with him once in a while. Everytime I see this guy, I walk away with two feelings –

One, it’s good to see that given the huge mess he’s made, he’s doing the best he can with what he has left. More than most people, this guy understands God’s forgiveness and grace.

Two, I always walk away with a somewhat scared feeling, knowing that any one of us is capable of so much darkness and destruction to ourselves and to the people we love. No matter who we are, no matter how strong we think we are.

I guess this is why humility is so important. Just knowing we’re vulnerable and capable of messing up, drives us closer to the One who can whisper truth to those goofy hearts of ours.

So, having begun this downer little blog with such a somber verse from Jeremiah, let me finish it with something more hopeful…

I Peter 5:5 – “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”


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1 Response to Sometimes Our Hearts Can Lie to Us

  1. Father Rich says:

    Wow!Humilty is hard. Ez for 10 minutes but every waking breath , that more difficult.The Orthodox believe that the constant prayer of the heart should be “Jesus Christ Son of God have mercy on me a sinner”. If you see the constant need of Christs mercy because of your potential for great sin it’s a little easier to be Humble.
    This was a hard blog entry to write. Thanx Charley
    Pray for me a sinner

  2. joannmski says:

    It’s good to think about how with just a few bad decisions anyone can go all downhill. It does make you appreciate the life you have.

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