What if “The Last Supper” Had Taken Place on Thanksgiving?

Just a wacky idea that came to my wacky mind. If the Last Supper had taken place on Thanksgiving, here are some things that might have happened…

There would have been a separate, folding, kids table.

Someone would have asked, “Hey Jesus, is your family coming?” And Jesus would have said, “Just my mom. The rest of my family thinks I’m crazy.”

When Jesus brought up the “one of you will betray me” thing, John would have said, “Come on, Master! It’s Thanksgiving; let’s not dwell on the negative!”

One of the disciples’ wives would have been responsible for cooking the turkey. It would have turned out great, and everyone would have loved it. But when people complimented her about the turkey, she would have said things like, “You know, I was worried about it because those stone ovens can be so unreliable.”

When Jesus said, “Arise, let’s be going,” several of the disciples would have groaned and said, “I can’t move! I’m stuffed!” (Those would have been the same guys who later fell asleep while Jesus prayed).

Someone would have brought dinner rolls, but not enough. So Jesus would have taken the one bag of rolls, and turned it into enough to feed 5000 people.

While Jesus explained the Holy Spirit and other details to the disciples, the disciples’ wives would have been washing dishes in another room.

When Judas left, the other disciples would have assumed he had gone to 7-11 (the only store open) to get Cool Whip, which someone forgot.

When Jesus washed Peter’s feet, his response would have been, “Not just my feet, but my hands as well, because I spilled yams on the way over here.”

Several of the disciples’ wives would have gotten together and decided, “Next year, we’re going out!!”

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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2 Responses to What if “The Last Supper” Had Taken Place on Thanksgiving?

  1. Glitzy says:

    That’s hysterical! Just surfed on in.

  2. joannmski says:

    That is very funny.

    But really, Charley. Let’s be serious. Cool Whip had not been invented yet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, you forget that Martha would’ve been up since 6 a.m. putting the bird in the oven, peeling potatoes, making homemade stuffing (having left the bread out overnight and everything!), made the jello with fruit cocktail added (hence the further need for Cool Whip),made sure everything was timed “just right” so that everything was hot when everyone sat down to eat. Mary, always the helpful overachiever, would’ve contributed to the dinner by filling everyone’s little nut-cups and THEN, claiming the effects of tryptophan, would’ve sat the entire rest of the evening!
    “Miss” Cindy 🙂

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