Penguins Killed in Texas Accident

This happened about a week ago, but I’m just getting around to commenting on it. You can file this story under the “can’t possibly get any weirder” category…

It seems that 25 penguins, and some other animals, were on a truck headed toward a zoo south of Houston. They were coming from the Indianapolis Zoo, which is being remodeled and needed to send the animals other places for awhile.

Anyway, an accident happened with the truck carrying the penguins, and four of them ended up getting killed… three of the four were hit by other cars (NOTE – THESE PENGUINS IN THE PHOTO TO THE LEFT ARE NOT THE ACTUAL PENGUINS WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THE ACCIDENT).

However, an octopus, also on the truck, was not injured.

A Texas State Trooper on the scene said it was the oddest traffic accident he’d ever handled: “We’ve worked several wrecks involving cows, horses, pigs, even fish (NOTE- ALL YOUR STANDARD TEXAS ANIMALS), but this is the first where the live animals were penguins.”

He said he was glad the accident wasn’t worse. I’m sure the 21 surviving penguins feel the same way.


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2 Responses to Penguins Killed in Texas Accident

  1. Joann says:

    Shame. That’s a shame.

    If the Octopus on the truck was killed, I know one person who would be standing in line to fry it and eat it with soy sauce.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I hear that the accident was caused by a driver participating in a marketing survey…
    Speed kills!! 🙂

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