I Don’t Get It

Some couples make no sense to me. Such is the case of the talented John Mayer, and the opposite, Jessica Simpson.

John is an actual musician and songwriter. He’s kind of a throwback to the singer/songwriters of the 70’s and 80’s. He actually has interesting things to say, and he’s a great guitar player. His guitar skills are such that the Martin Guitar Company has already released the John Mayer signature model guitar, an honor usually reserved for artists who are much older.

Jessica, on the other hand, is quite different.

Life is full of mysteries.


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2 Responses to I Don’t Get It

  1. Joann says:

    OK, I don’t think it will be very long before John gets more tan. He will probably use Jessica’s salon.

  2. David Wilson says:

    He obviously has a thing for curves.

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