A Possible Career Change?

Note from Charley to Osama:

In case the terrorist thing doesn’t work out (because eventually some of our guys are going to find you in a hole somewhere, just like Hussein), you might want to consider acting – particularly in Biblically-based films.

Bottom line – you look like Moses. Or any other generic Biblical character. When I think back to my childhood days in Sunday School, you look just like a thousand pictures and flannelgraph images I remember seeing all the time.

Plus, you have a great smile, and you’re definitely well known… people would definitely line up to see a film with you in it. Maybe we could hook you up with Mel Gibson and a few others, and probably have you working all the time. And while it would certainly be great if you’d convert to Christianity, you really don’t have to. Just say you’re thinking about it. Those guys on TBN in Orange County would still fall all over themselves having you on their little shows – maybe even give you a show of your own.

Just a thought.


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1 Response to A Possible Career Change?

  1. Joann says:

    Yah, I’m afraid to make a comment. The CIA monitors communications with Osama.

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