Buying Stuff @ Home

Last night, a friend of Courtney’s came over and sold us some knives. She was just getting started in her new job, and so we, just to do her a favor, agreed to let her come over and show us these very wonderful, and rather pricey knives.

Now, many dollars later, I’m confident that whatever we make in our kitchen will taste much better when these knives are used in the preparation. At least, that’s what I’m going to tell myself.

I’m amazed at what can be bought at home. I’m not talking about ordering stuff online or through catalogs – I’m talking about people coming to your house, showing you stuff, and somehow making you willing to pay more for what they’re bringing to you. Among the “buy @ home” products I know of:

Tupperware, meat, life insurance, gourmet foods, kitchen supplies, baskets, makeup and jewelry.

Other than possibly the meat and life insurance, most of these products are geared more toward women than men. I’m not being sexist; it’s just an observation. I would never be sexist – Baptist, Methodist, or another “ist” maybe, but never sexist. Anyway, there’s a huge opportunity out there for any men who want to develop businesses that can be sold at home. For example:

Tools, baseball hats, TV’s, car accessories like floor mats, paint, lumber, computers, spackle, grout, guns, boats, office supplies, golf equipment, and for the really cool guys, guitars and keyboards.

I can imagine a conversation like this taking place:

(ring ring) Bob: Hello?

Stan: Hi dude. This is Bob Trout, right? My name is Stan Goldstein, and I represent Earl Smelt products. Are you familiar with Earl Smelt?

Bob: Yeah, you guys sell paint, right?

Stan: (laughs) Yes we do Bob, but let me tell ya, paint is only a small part of what Earl Smelt has to offer. Are you aware of our new line of spackle and grout, as well as our push brooms?

Bob: No, I didn’t know about that. But I always just go to Home Depot.

Stan: Home Depot is a great place. But Bob, let me propose an idea to you. What if you could have 4-5 guys over, just to hang out in your garage, and some pizza and beer, and I could come by and show you what we’ve got. Everybody who comes will get a free mini broom and dustpan for the car, and I can probably swing it with my boss to bring a nice set of crescent wrenches along for you, just for letting us have the thing in your garage (Notice – the word “host” is avoided; rather, it’s “have the thing in your garage”). What are you doing next Thursday at 8:00?

Bob: I guess that’ll work. I can probably get a couple of guys from work, and maybe Steve from across the street, if he can break away from his remodel long enough.

Stan: Bob, get him there! I’ve got a lot of stuff that could save him a lot of bucks in the long run. So, we’re on for next Thursday. See you then.

Well, I still probably wouldn’t go to anything like that, nor would I be invited. But if there was a guy selling keyboards or guitars or coffee at home, I’d be tempted. And I’d probably give out a bunch of your names and phone numbers as well!


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1 Response to Buying Stuff @ Home

  1. Keith says:


    I actually had almost the exact conversation with another guy a couple of weeks ago. Only difference was that since I’m really not the most handy guy, my focus was on electronics. I mean who doesn’t go to Best Buy and just wander around thinking how cool all that stuff would be to have. You just have to stir those competitive male juices a bit (“Dude, Bob, I just bought that 56″ Plasma HDTV and when I watch the football games I can see the sweat on the guys’ foreheads…”) and we’d all be sinking thousands of dollars into this thing.

    Oh well, just a thought…

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