Update – And a Little Prayer is Needed

To my Blogosphere buddies,

There are several of us out there who read one another’s blogs, and the friendship is a beautiful thing. Plus, I consider it a personal obligation to make all of you laugh, and some of you do the same for me – sometimes without intending to!

But tonight, I want to share some things that are going on, and ask you to pray for us for the next week or so. The overwhelming meter is getting in the red zone.

1. School demands are super high right now, with a HUGE research project going on. To make it harder, a chunk of it is due this Thursday, and the guy I need to interview and I are having a lot of trouble getting our schedules to coincide. If I hear from him tomorrow that our calendars won’t work, I’ll have to find a new guy (which I can do), but it means the work I’ve done so far will be wasted and I’ll start over.

2. We have to get a new car. I backed our Jeep into a heavy post, and damaged it just enough to consider it totaled. We don’t want any car payments for awhile, so depending on what our insurance pays us for the Jeep, we need to find something within that range. Maybe a little truck.

3.  Kelley has been off work for almost three months, because of an injury from a fall at work. She’s in a lot of pain all the time, and the doctors are trying to figure it out. They think it’s a nerve injury, and hopefully we’ll know more this week. But, we’ve had that hope for a while, with nothing conclusive. She really needs to feel better, with no pain, so she can be released to go back to work because she loves her job and is really good at it.

4. Life has gotten massively BUSY the past several weeks. Church work, school teaching, private teaching, and my own degree program. Plus husband and dad stuff. I feel like I’m getting a better handle on some things, but that needs some tweaking as well.

Anyway – I know all this is do-able, but it’s a lot and it’s feeling a little too heavy. And for me to get things done that have to get done, it needs to stay this way for another several months. So, blogosphere buddies, pray your socks off. And I’ll do the same for you.

With your prayers, I’ll be funny again soon. I promise.


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3 Responses to Update – And a Little Prayer is Needed

  1. Cindy :) says:

    Will be praying, my Brutha! So sorry to hear about Kelley’s continued medical “mystery” and now about the Jeep. God fill you with His perfect peace, your home with warmth and comfort, and His joy as you watch Him work through all these facets of your life.
    Love you and all the “Millas!”

  2. You got it Charley!

  3. joannmski says:

    Oh, my. That is a lot of stuff happening all at the same time. I will be praying for you!

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