The Most Popular Skeleton in the World

So, I was just sitting here tonight (Friday) thinking about skeletons. Probably because Kelley likes to watch these science/medical programs on The Discovery Channel, and right now she’s watching “Skeleton Stories.”

This all sounds serious and important.  I, on the other hand, think there’s a lot of fun to be had with skeletons – because I have the uncanny ability to have fun with anything (that is, I have the ability to MAKE FUN of anything). For example…

While I was searching for a picture of a skeleton to put on the blog, I found a site that sells medical supplies, including models of human skeletons. I never would have thought of a place like that, but I guess you have to get them someplace. There are several models to choose from, including the “Standard Skeleton (Model A10)”, which is, according to the Pro-Med Products site, “the most popular skeleton in the world.”

What a great thing. How cool it must be to be the most popular skeleton in the world. If I were a skeleton, I probably wouldn’t be a nerdy skeleton, but on the other hand, I doubt if I could achieve the status of Most Popular Skeleton in the World. So that guy definitely deserves a pat on the scapula.

However, if funds are tight and you can’t quite afford the $295 for The Most Popular Skeleton in the World, you can get the Budget Skeleton (Model CH-10) instead. For only $245 (which really isn’t that much less than $295 when you think about it), you can get this “economical, life-sized articulated adult plastic skeleton.” It even comes with a dust cover and stand.

Other skeleton models available include: The Super Skeleton (maybe he comes wearing a cape), the Muscle Skeleton, the Ligament Skeleton, Fred the Flexible Skeleton on 5-Feet Roller Stand with Flexible Hand & Foot, and my personal favorite, Phil the Physiological Skeleton on Hanging Roller Stand (Model A15/3, $695.00).

Of course, if you’re just a complete cheapskate, you can get the “Mr. Thrifty Skeleton (Model WCP-1) for $49.95. I’m not making this up. This is a smaller skeleton, kind of cheap and crappy, but if it’s all you can afford, it’s certainly better than no skeleton at all.

Lastly, before leaving the wonderful world of skeletons…

Have you ever noticed that skeletons are always smiling? It must be great to be a skeleton.


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3 Responses to The Most Popular Skeleton in the World

  1. joannmski says:

    “So that guy definitely deserves a pat on the scapula.”

    Cracking me up!

  2. Miss Cindy says:

    Wow, you can buy actual-size Nicole Richie dolls??!! Sweet!

  3. Miss Cindy says:

    Ya know Charley, I have a “bone” to pick with you…hahaha!! Sorry, just thought you could use a good… “ribbing!”

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