Fun With Gongs

Today I was at Manhattan Beach Toyota. I didn’t buy a car there, but I couldn’t help but notice they had a large gong hanging in their showroom.

While I was there waiting for a sales guy to bring me some info, another sales guy came out and yelled, “New Owner!!” and hit the gong. Apparently, that’s the signal that someone just bought a car. Apparently, yelling “New Owner” isn’t enough of a hint.

Anyway, I’ve decided I need to get me one of those gongs. I have a friend, Gene the drummer, who has one and he always tries to use it whenever he can. So maybe I can borrow the gong from Gene until I’m ready to get one for myself. Possible uses of the gong could be…

Attach it somehow to my car and use it instead of the horn

Bring it to school, since I don’t think we’ve quite made enough noise for the library next door to the music room yet

Bring it to Crossroad Church to freak out the sound guy

Record it digitally, and somehow turn it into a cell phone ringtone

Get two of them. Whatever use there is for a gong, two would be twice as good

Use it to wake up Courtney in the morning

…and the list goes on. Well, mine doesn’t.


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3 Responses to Fun With Gongs

  1. joannmski says:

    I think we need to use it whenever there is a new convert.

  2. Charley says:

    That means in some churches, it’ll never get used!

  3. Gongs says:

    Car dealerships will do anything these days.

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