I’m Accepted Into the Club

After being the “new teacher” at school for the past month or so, today I became officially accepted.

We were singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” with my 3rd grade group, which they all liked because, even though it’s a really old song, it was popularized in “The Lion King.” Anyway, when class was over, one little 3rd grade girl stayed for a minute and said,

“Mr. Miller, we made up a new song. It goes like this…”

She then began to sing a new version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” which involved the Lion passing gas.

I’m one of the group now! They’re sharing the cool stuff with me!


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2 Responses to I’m Accepted Into the Club

  1. Miss Cindy says:

    Sweet!! And their new lyrics bring a tear to the eye…in more ways than one!!:)
    Congrats on now being “official!”

  2. joannmski says:

    That is very sweet!

    Hey is that you in the picture with Simba?

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