Hanging in San Francisco

As the title says, we’re hanging in SF for a few days.  Our extended families are scattered everywhere, so this year we decided that the three of us would escape and hang up here until Saturday.

I can’t figure out why I like it here. It’s crowded, noisy, and basically a big nutty city. At home, I rarely have any desire to travel the 20 minutes into downtown L.A., and normally I would rather hang out in quieter areas, like at this one particular starbucks overlooking the ocean.

But after spending a few days up here last year, what can I say? We discovered we really like hanging out here. I like the cold weather, I like the old buildings, and even the homeless people are cool. It’s kind of artsy, and I always find that kind of environment stimulating and it recharges my batteries.

So while I have no interest in staying long-term in a place like this, a good look at the Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the SF skyline wouldn’t exactly kill you once in a while.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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1 Response to Hanging in San Francisco

  1. joannmski says:

    Well then! Have a great Thanksgiving you guys!!

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