Write the Caption Contest

This is us, in San Francisco, riding Segways with Alcatraz in the background. Knock yourselves out, all you creative types. The winner gets – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


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2 Responses to Write the Caption Contest

  1. Miss Cindy says:

    “Armed only with helmets, floatation vests and gizmos obviously created in some prison trade-skills class, THREE DANGEROUS-LOOKING criminals happily escaped from Alcatraz!
    However, once on the outside and realizing, as “cons”, that they didn’t have any cash or credit cards, the THREE MENACING LOOKING escapees actually drove themselves back to Alcatraz just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.”
    Do I get my prize now??!! 🙂
    So happy you got to go to San Francisco and ride Segways! 🙂

  2. joannmski says:

    “Family confused about Segway use. Tries to ride them to Alcatraz. Rescued by coast guard. Film at 11.”

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