I’m Lost – Why is Kramer Apologizing to Jesse Jackson???

Let me see if I’ve got my facts straight…

1.  Michael Richards was getting heckled at the Laugh Factory last week.

2.  Michael Richards got upset and started yelling at the hecklers.

3.  In the process of yelling at the hecklers, Michael Richards called the hecklers (not Jesse Jackson) “n—-rs.”

4.  Consequently, Michael Richards is apologizing to anyone and everyone (although, as I understand it, he called the hecklers “n—-rs,” not anyone and everyone. In any event, I’m pretty sure he didn’t call Jesse Jackson a “n—-r.”)

5.  For some reason, even though Michael Richards has already apologized an absurd amount, he found it necessary to apologize to Jesse Jackson (again, for something he said to someone else, not Jesse Jackson).

6.  Jesse Jackson, for some reason, didn’t respond to Michael Richards’ apology with: “What? Are you nuts? You didn’t call me n—-r; you called the hecklers n—-rs. What the heck does this have to do with me?” Instead, Jesse neither accepted nor rejected the apology, but said this was an opportunity for a discussion about “cultural isolation” in the entertainment industry.

Needless to say, these events have confused me. So here’s my concern…

Tonight I met with two of my friends from school, both of whom are Black, to study for a project we’re doing together. One of my Black friends made what might be considered a mild racial joke to me as he entered the building, and I answered with an equally mild racial joke. He didn’t seem to mind, and our friendship still seems OK.

But just in case – can someone please give me Jesse Jackson’s phone number so I can apologize to him, just in case this involves him in some way I’m not aware of?


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5 Responses to I’m Lost – Why is Kramer Apologizing to Jesse Jackson???

  1. missx says:

    what is offensive is that Jackson is now complaining that political figures who make racist remarks get off too easily. Is he referring to himself? Al Sharpton? Cynthea McKinney? That god forsaken Wal-mart spokesman/ex-civil rights leader who is encouaging African Americans to racially profile Arabs, Koreans, and Jews as being part of a wilted vegetable conspiracy?
    What Richards said is repugnant. But so is having a bunch of black guys dancing around at the Academy Awards bemoning how hard it is to be a slave owner (aka pimp) and winning an Oscar over it. The shock value really wears off…..

  2. joannmski says:

    If Kramer had made remarks about Christians, none of this would be a problem. No one would have cared. He made a bad choice. Should have picked on the guy for being a Christian, if he was one, and it wouldn’t have ever hit the papers.

  3. TraciS says:

    Just as soon as Jesse Jackson can show me his laundry closet is squeeky clean then I will praise him for representing all the black people in the world. I too am confused as to why he got an apology from Richards. Until then, tell him to work on the “brothas” that continually use the “n” word in their rap songs and salutations. If the blacks (and I am of the people) don’t want to hear it…then stop saying it altogether. This type of behavior has set us back a hundred years. No wonder we can’t seem to get ahead…we keep pushing ourselves back and that is the most offensive part of trying to keep hope alive.

  4. LarryS says:

    Not only do black people need to stop calling themselves by the “n” word, they need to educate their children not to fall into certain stereo-typical traps.

    Just last year a study showed that many black children make fun of their peers for “living white.” In other words, studying hard, having good values and striving to better themselves.

    Since when did these values become exclusively “white” traits? Why does striving to do your best to make you a traitor to your race?

    There are countless people of all races and creeds who achieved great success regardless of their backgrounds. Parents need to instill a sense of value in their children that rises above the average rapper’s value line.

    If you don’t have true respect for yourself, no one else will respect you either.

  5. michele says:

    I keep wondering…
    What would Kramer do?

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