If Lens Crafters Ran the World

I’m not a patient person. Sorry – I’d like to be, but I just don’t have time for it.

Anyway, this afternoon I went with Kelley (my wife) to Lens Crafters to get new glasses for her. Most people don’t know this, but this is a HUGE deal. She’s been wearing the same glasses since our daughter was a baby (our daughter, by the way, is now almost 17). And these glasses she’s been wearing ALWAYS fall apart at the most inopportune times, and she has to get out this little toolkit and fix them. We’ve been BEGGING her to get new glasses for years – today, it finally happened. Basically, I got her to agree to get an exam, and told her she wasn’t allowed back in the house without new glasses.

Anyway – Lens Crafters rocks! They made her glasses in an hour, just like their ads say – “quality glasses in about an hour.” They weren’t lying. And we’ve been home for about 45 minutes now, and the darn things haven’t fallen apart yet, so I’m pretty darn impressed.

The way I see it, glasses are important. I mean, you need a prescription and everything. So if Lens Crafters can make them in an hour, I say we put Lens Crafters in charge of a lot of other things that take too long, such as…

College (not a class, but the entire process of receiving a degree);

Learning a foreign language;

Fighting a war (someone tell THIS guy…) 

Roasting a turkey;

Saving enough money for a house (“sorry Mr. Realtor, I don’t have a down payment yet – I’ll see you in about an hour!”)

Raising children (not the fun parts, just the hard parts);

Catholic weddings and/or funerals;

Airplane rides when you’re in the middle seat;

Colds and/or flu;

Give me your suggestions for new areas for Lens Crafters to manage!


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4 Responses to If Lens Crafters Ran the World

  1. Miss Cindy says:

    Menopause, diets and root canals! 🙂

  2. michele says:

    laundry and home renovations

  3. kansasscott says:

    how about things we wish would take longer, yet go way toooooo fast, like seeing our kids grow up. “Wasn’t it just yesterday I was holding you after coming home from the hospital?” I could go for another day when the kids could only say “dada”; or “da-ee” because they couldn’t say the “d” sound more than one time in a word.

  4. joannmski says:

    Deleting software and old files from the computer, exercising and/or liposuction, DMV registration INCLUDING smog check on a car that won’t run.

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