One Area Where College Hasn’t Helped

College is such a great experience. From my vast and varied academic career I can:

Describe the movement from particularism to universalism in the Book of Acts and tell you how it happened, and why it matters;

Discuss the teleological ethical theories of utilitarianism and ethical egoism, and sound like I know what I’m talking about;

Perform a detailed harmonic analysis of virtually any of Bach’s music;

Speak intelligently about Bach’s influence on Beethoven, and Beethoven’s influence on Mozart;

Etc., etc.

However, one problem college has not helped my solve…



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1 Response to One Area Where College Hasn’t Helped

  1. Miss Cindy says:

    I feel your pain!! My least favorite place to find them, though, is underneath me after having sat on them just long enough so that when I wear them, it always looks like there’s just been an earthquake.
    Good luck, my Brutha!

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