Some Things Are Supposed to Be Hard…

… like, for example, going to school.

If it’s not hard, then at the end of it, you wonder if the degree is worth anything. So for me, being a grown-up in school, with a family, two part-time jobs and 15 private music students, school is hard. And that’s good.

However, I think I need to explain that concept to the handful of people in my Wednesday night class, who constantly complain about the amount of reading, or about the fact that we have occasional tests, or papers to write, or that there might actually be things to REMEMBER on those tests, or that the requirements of this class aren’t going to be reduced for them just because they happen to be taking other classes at the same time, etc., etc.

It’s college. It’s supposed to be hard. If it was easy, then why bother? If it was easy, what would you learn? If it was easy, then listing that degree on your resume wouldn’t mean all that much, would it? Oh and by the way, last time I checked, enrollment in this or any other university is voluntary; no one’s making them do it.

I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes in life, I’m guilty of having a bad attitude. But I think I can also say that when it comes to school, I’m so freaking thankful to get to do it, especially when I should have finished it over 20 years ago, that I have nothing to complain about. So of all the things I may complain about in the course of a week (or a day, or an hour), normally school isn’t one of those things.

So, seriously, I think I might have to say something next time the Wednesday night whiners start whining.

It may be time to pull beams out of their houses and have them impaled! (see here)


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1 Response to Some Things Are Supposed to Be Hard…

  1. David Wilson says:

    Charley, originally I was supposed to be in the class of 1975 at the University of Georgia. Instead I was in the class of 1990 at Mercer. I started seminary in 1991. I had hoped to complete it within the same millennia, but alas.

    You get what it’s worth. The other folks don’t.

    Enjoy – what doesn’t kill you… makes you a graduate.

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