End of Week Brain Dump

There’s too much stuff in my head – probably a result of an unusually heavy week this week. Time to let go of some random thoughts, observations, gripes and rants to create more room up there:

1.  NBC was wrong to air the video they received from the Virginia Tech killer. Whatever else was going on with him, he wanted notoriety, and they gave him more of it. Their decision was morally wrong. Of course it was the “journalistic” thing to do to air it. But they could instead have opted for the “moral” or the “classy” thing to do. They remained true to form.

2.  Why do I have 643 pairs of white socks, only 4 pairs of which don’t have holes?

3.  There is never a bad time to eat an In-n-Out Burger.

4.  Third grade music students are like dangerous animals in the jungle; if you show fear or uncertainty, they’ll eat you.

5.  Avril Lavigne’s new CD, “The Best Darn Thing” (I used a euphemism there) may in fact actually be the Best Darn Thing. I heard a few preview cuts the other day and it’s pretty good stuff.

6.  The miraculous good news that Sunjayah was voted off American Idol this week could make even an athiest give thanks to God.

7.  Sometimes in our attempts to give people every fair chance, we keep putting ourselves in a position to get smacked. Maybe some people need to stop doing that so much. There’s only so much cheek-turning we can do. A word to the wise. You know who you are.

8. I noticed tonight that Bravo Channel has an interesting assortment of reality shows – a show about fashion designers who want to be famous; a show about hairstylists who want to be famous; a show about a specific hairstylist trying to figure out his life; and a show about a gay physical trainer to the rich and famous in Hollywood, trying to figure out her life.

I decided they need some shows about less exotic people (i.e., more “real” people for their reality shows), so I’m going to submit an idea about a reality show about accountants. They’ll all live in the same house for 12 weeks, and each week they’ll be given an entertaining accounting situation to resolve. At the end of each program, a panel of famous accounting experts, along with a celebrity host, will judge who will be “debited” and sent home.

9.  Upcoming, non-related events:  2 weeks until “Relay for Life” (a cancer fund-raising jazz gig); 2 weeks also until the lovely Miss Courtney turns 17;  3 more weeks of New Testament Survey Class; 8 weeks until I take the CBEST exam; 12 weeks until I finish school forever.

10.  I thought I was going to have to replace my I-Pod, which is not just recreational, but also something I use in my teaching work. Fortunately, being an I-pod Mini, a replacement battery was available, and I was able to spend around $22 for a battery that now remains charged, rather than $200 -plus for a new I-pod Nano. With the money I saved (plus a little more), I bought a new guitar amp. Life is good!

Now I can go to sleep.


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2 Responses to End of Week Brain Dump

  1. joannmski says:

    2. You are lucky they are pairs. We have an equal amount of unmatched socks.
    8. I really like that.
    9. Good luck and congratulations!

  2. rich says:

    My brain can’t hold what you dumped . You have a big brain . Your brain is also funny .

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