Church Rules

I found this blog from a friend of mine – Roger Blackmore. It’s the blog of a pastor in Minnesota, who I DON’T know, but who is a friend of Roger, who I DO know. The Church is Meadow Springs Church in Minnesota, in some town I don’t want to even try to spell…

Okay…this email that came in today just has me totally rolling on the floor!

“Yesterday while visiting in your community I happened upon the church notices in the local newspaper. In the course of my reading I came upon the ad placed there by your church. I read the three criteria that were listed (No perfect people allowed; No offering plate passed; And no making out in the back row). The last condition absolutely floored me. This is a statement in a church notice???!!! I consider this to be incredibly tasteless, inappropriate, and highly questionable. Were I looking for a church home, I would not for a minute consider one with such a blatant and outrageous message in its advertising. You would do your congregation a favor by removing the “no making out in the back row”; sentence from your ad.”

So…whoever you are, we will make one exception… You, and only you CAN make out in the back row. We will even reserve a section just for you and you can makeout all you want. (Just keep the sounds of swapping spit down so the others who aren’t making out can listen to the great music and the relevant message!)

Maybe if churches and “church people” would lighten up a bit, smile, have some fun, and really live out the joy that comes with a grace relationship with Jesus – there would be more people in church, hearing the message, enjoying the experience, and knowing a refreshing (not stuffy) relationship with Jesus!



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