Sorry – I’m Not Boycotting Starbucks

For the 5-6 people worldwide who are regular readers of my blog, you may know that I hate, absolutely hate, “Christian boycotts.” I think they’re beyond silly – I think they make us Christians look absolutely nuts. Here are a few of my thoughts about them. I’m sure there may be some issues worth boycotting – but not very many.

Anyway, it seems that Starbucks – a SECULAR corporation – allows people to submit little messages to be printed on the sides of their coffee cups. If you go to Starbucks, you’ve probably seen these little “The Way I See It” messages. Most of them are worth about a half-second of thought, then you move on. Some are actually pretty good; there was even a quote from the Purpose Driven Life on one of the cups a year or so ago.

Well, since Starbucks is, I repeat, a SECULAR corporation, there just might be a chance that NON-CHRISTIANS may buy coffee there. Some of these NON-CHRISTIANS may, from time to time, submit their thoughts for the cups, and it turns out that Starbucks, a SECULAR corporation, actually publishes thoughts from NON-CHRISTIANS now and then (in fairness, they also publish thoughts from Christians sometimes, too).

A few non-Christians have submitted their thoughts to Starbucks recently, which happen to be pretty antagonistic toward Christians. You can find them here. So, as it turns out, a bunch of angry Christians now want to boycott Starbucks.

Sorry, I’m not joining that boycott. I like Starbucks coffee. My faith is secure; actually, I already knew, even before the cup message incident, that there were some people in the world who didn’t believe the way I do. I also knew that some of those people actually were antagonistic toward people like me who believe in Jesus. This one didn’t catch me by surprise.

So, please – leave Starbucks alone. These silly boycotts make us look insecure and foolish. Really, it’s OK if people say bad things about us, or about our faith. We can handle it, and God isn’t threatened by it.


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4 Responses to Sorry – I’m Not Boycotting Starbucks

  1. joannmski says:

    Hmm. Perhaps, and I’m just thinking out loud here, people don’t want a lot of thought-provoking stuff with their coffee. It seems to make both Christians and non Christians mad. Maybe they should be printing less controversial things, like “what I believe a great cup of coffee should be eaten with” instead of “what I believe.”

  2. michele says:

    what’s funny to me, is that this isn’t a ‘biblically based’ view of heaven at all… and yeah, if we want to come up with another man made version, it should be a little more interesting, yes, i agree. something more than harps and clouds, which seem really wet and cold and clammy, to boot.
    hot sunny beach, perhaps.

  3. Scott says:

    let’s boycott Starbucks because it’s inferior coffee.

    Well, actually if we as Christians would spend as much time making disciples as we tend to do working on and building up boycotts, maybe we wouldn’t really have to do any boycotts.

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