Can We Somehow Minimize the Questions at Borders?

Most Mondays, I go to Borders and study – and of course, that involves coffee. So, as a regular guy there, I’d like to request that they STOP ASKING ME SO MANY QUESTIONS JUST TO GET A CUP OF COFFEE.

Normally, ordering coffee there goes something like this:

Me: I’ll have a medium coffee and a pretzel.

Coffee guy: Would like you like dark, medium or light roast?

Me: Medium

CG: Did you want room for cream?

Me: Yes

CG: Did you want that pretzel warmed up?

M: Sure

CG:  Is that for here or to go?

M: Here

CG: And do you have your Borders Rewards Card with you?

M: Here it is

CG: Did you want your receipt

Me: (inwardly – NO!!!!!) outwardly – no thanks.

This is too complicated. So here’s my suggestion. Sometimes (doubtful, but sometimes) I may want you to interrogate me when I order coffee. Most of the time, I don’t. I’m even willing to take the risk that I might accidentally order dark roast when medium or light would have been better, or that I might not get a warm pretzel, or that, horror of horrors, you might put my pretzel in a bag when I’m actually planning to sit down at your table and eat it. I’M WILLING TO LIVE WITH ALL THOSE CONSEQUENCES.

So, how about this – when I come up to the window, why don’t you ask me just one question – “Hi – would you like me to ask you a bunch of questions right now?” If I do (which I won’t), I’ll say “sure, ask away.” Then you can go for it. But if I don’t want your questions (which I won’t) then I’ll say, “No.” In that case, just say, “OK, what’ll it be?” I’ll say “Coffee and a pretzel.” Then just do what you think is right with the order and I’ll live with it.


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2 Responses to Can We Somehow Minimize the Questions at Borders?

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    I hear that if you go to Starbucks they let their cups do the talking!
    I say, go to McDonalds. Its delicious, you don’t get 20 questions, and you might even get a senior citizien discount even if you’re only in your 40’s and decided to go in there without make-up…I’d rather not say how I know this!

  2. joannmski says:

    Now, this is the benefit of going on a cruise – they have your drinks memorized by the first night. I think it may have something to do with wanting a tip, but on the other hand maybe it’s just that they are really nice.

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