If Your Organization is Good Enough…

…then stop. Just quit right now; there are already too many organizations just like yours.

Don’t bother with it unless you’re planning to be amazing.

It’s not that much more work to be amazing than it is to be average. And it’s a lot more fun, and if you need volunteers (e.g., in churches), people would much rather help you do something amazing than something they’ve seen a million times before.

Find a few things you can do, which are absolutely stunning, and focus on those. And make sure they’re actually objectively stunning – not stunning only if you hype them the right way.

Amazing is just amazing. It doesn’t need to convince anyone. On the other hand, average organizations seem to always have to convince people they’re worthwhile.


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I offer piano tuning, repair and maintenance in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
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2 Responses to If Your Organization is Good Enough…

  1. joannmski says:

    Hmm. Is feeding the poor average or amazing? I think Jesus liked it. But we have seen it a million times before.

  2. charleysblog says:

    As long as they’re amazing poor people, I think it’s OK!

    Actually, that’s a great thing to do, and while many churches do it, many more make excuses as why they can’t.

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