Random Foolishness

1.  There’s only one bank around here that lets people under 18 have a checking account with an ATM card. So that’s where my daughter has an account, so she can deposit (and quickly spend) her checks from work.  It just so happens that this bank is not only unique for letting minors have ATM cards, it’s also unique in the quality of its customer service – IT’S ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. IT’S THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED. Courtney, hurry up and turn 18, so you can switch banks. And until then, please don’t ever ask me to go in there for you again.

2.  It’s been hot. Maybe that’s because IT’S JULY. Really, does anyone besides me notice that it gets hot every  year, around the country, in July and/or August? Why is this considered news? It kind of seems like something we should expect each year.

3.  There’s a guy who works at a local music store, where I teach private students a few times a week. This guy is pretty cool, and today he was wearing a blue, button-up shirt that an auto mechanic might wear, probably from a local repair shop. To make it even more interesting, there was a name embroidered on the shirt – “Monique.” (that’s not his name). It takes a lot of self-confidence for a guy to wear a shirt that says “Monique.” I admire him.


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