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I’m not really buying into the whole global warming thing – but I must say Al Gore did us all a huge favor today by getting some of the world’s best musicians together to play for a day.


Alicia Keys – a little too much talking, but when she sang, she really sang.

Kelly Clarkson – young and a long way to develop, but still the definitive American Idol.

The Police – these guys are just plain crazy – it’s unbelievable that so much amazing sound, and such complex stuff, can come from only three guys. Andy Summers always looks angry, though. Maybe he’s not buying the global warming thing, either. Corny idea, by the way, to bring other people out to join them for “Message in a Bottle.” John Mayer was sort of acceptable but unnecessary, but Kanye West just didn’t belong on the same stage with those guys. It got kind of silly.

Nothing against John Mayer – he did a great job by himself. He just didn’t need to come out and hang with the Police.

Madonna needs to just put the guitar away.

I haven’t seen Genesis play for a long time; Phil Collins has finally faced up to the hair problem and just shaved his head.

Who were those guys forced to sit in the snow and play outside in Antarctica for heaven’s sake? How low must they have been on the list to get assigned to that venue? And was it just me, or did those penguins look a little annoyed?

Al Gore, kind of a nerdy guy, was being treated like a hero by ROCK STARS! That had to feel pretty cool.

Well anyway, maybe next time they do this kind of event, they should REALLY save energy and do an all-acoustic show. All that equipment they used for 24 hours today could probably provide energy to light a small town for a year.


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1 Response to Live Earth Stuff

  1. joannmski says:

    Now, Al Gore JUNIOR on the other hand, I think has been hanging with the rock stars. Being busted with that much medication in So Cal., I’m thinking that he was on his way to a little get together.

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