Colbie Caillat, and the Big Dancing Polynesian Guys

So being the concert-going family we are, we went to see Colbie Caillat at a funky, crowded little theater in Santa Ana tonight. Colbie is sort of a new artist, with a single out there called “Bubbly. “An interesting bit of Colbie trivia – her dad was the producer on Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album.

Anyway, the venue wasn’t the best – I felt like I had a really bad seat on an airplane. And the food was pretty average (it was technically a dinner theater, so we had dinner). But all that aside, she was really pretty good, and the band was good, plus the sound was good. So, I’d give the concert a “B.”

But the best part was the Big Dancing Polynesian Guys.

During the cutesy little “Bubbly” song, these two big Polynesian-looking guys were dancing. First, you have to hear the song; it’s not a rocker. It’s a cute little song, and not particularly manly. (You can hear “Bubbly” by clicking here, and then listening to it on her MySpace). So it was pretty funny to see these two huge guys across the room, dancing to this song.

Our theory is that they were either die-hard Colbie fans, or they were there with their girlfriends (who were die-hard Colbie fans), and to deal with the un-manliness of the concert, these two big Polynesian guys decided to take advantage of the ready availability of alcohol,  and well, there ya go. Two huge dancing Polynesian guys, enjoying the “Bubbly” song.

They probably should have brought them onstage.


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