Excuse Me – But Didn’t That Person Die Already?

I read the news tonight that Marcel Marceau, the mime, died today. And the first thing I thought was, “I thought he died already.” Which happens to me a lot – I’ll hear that a famous person died, and it’ll be someone I’ve lost track of or haven’t thought of for a long time. And I’ll think, “I thought he/she died already.” Which of course is impossible, but anyway…

Here’s a list of famous people who died this year, who I thought died a long time ago (thanks, Wikipedia, for their article “Notable Deaths in 2007”  which provided invaluable research assistance on this important project):

Marcel Marceau (the mime guy);

Brett Somers (from the gameshow “Match Game”);

Rex Humbard (a TV evangelist my parents used to watch a lot);

Merv Griffin (a 60’s & 70’s talk show host, who also created a lot of game shows);

Lady Bird Johnson (married to President Lyndon Johnson, until, of course, his own demise);

Don Ho (the Hawaiian “Tiny Bubbles” guy);

Yvonne DeCarlo (the mom on “The Munsters”)

**Note – I have a little too much time on my hands tonight, and there’s nothing good on TV.


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