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In today’s news…

McDonald’s Eyes Ballooning Coffee Market … McDonalds, not content to be average in fast food, has decided to dominate the average coffee market. In true Starbucks-wanna-be fashion, McD’s is hoping to soon offer other types of specialty coffee.

While I doubt if their new coffee products will really be any good, knowing McDonald’s, they’ll probably achieve a fair amount of succes due to people saying things like, “Is there a Starbucks or anyplace with good coffee near here? No? Well, I guess we might as well just go to McDonalds.” Really, that’s McDonads’ niche – it’s the place we “might as well” go to.

Detroit Named America’s Most Dangerous City

 Whoo Hooo!!!! Way to go, Detroit – you knocked St. Louis out of first place, or, I mean, last place – or something like that.

But the important thing here is that I happen to live in beautiful (albeit average) Torrance, California, recently voted the 43rd Safest City to Live In. Much better than scuzzy Detroit.

 More Evangelicals Concluding God is Green

I don’t believe in the global warming thing. The earth may in fact be going through a period of warming, but it appears to me that science supports the idea of regular periods of global warming and cooling. The global warming scare is simply politically-correct nonsense. That’s just my opinion of course, but then again, this IS my blog. So there.

That being said, I think it’s morally right to take care of the environment.

That being said, I think the above headline is just plain funny. I wasn’t aware God had taken on a particular hue.


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1 Response to Random News

  1. michele says:

    you know, “God is green, God is good, let us thank him for our food…”

    i got gas in detroit once. it was the first place i ever went where there was bullet proof glass between the cashier and me. we decided to always gas up before entering detroit after that.

    i think ‘might as well’ would be a great new ad for the golden arches. you might want to copyright that.

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