An Attempt at Blogging with the “Seven Things” Thing

I haven’t been in the mood to blog for a few weeks. But, I know I always hate it when I want to read someone’s blog and they never seem to write anything new (like a certain priest in Santa Clarita). So, I decided to push through the funk I’m in and get something done here.

Thanks to Joanne’s Blog Adventure, I’m taking on the “Seven Things” Blog Challenge.

Here are Seven Things About Today:

1.  I’m sick, again. I’m really getting tired of being sick and I thought I was long past that 2-week flu thing, and then today I seem to have developed a nasty sinus infection. I’m probably going to die from this, so you can understand my motivation to get at least one last blog written.

2.  I ate at McDonald’s three times today. Talk about disgusting. I didn’t plan it that way; I started the morning pretty early today, and had a chance to stop for a Sausage McMuffin, and I like those crazy things, so there you go. That would have been enough right there. But no, I had to drive through another MD’s after my rehearsal at Mattel Toys today. Probably because it was convenient on my way to my church office, so it fell into that “might as well go to McDonald’s category.” Or, even more interesting, since I was at Mattel, home of lead paint, maybe I developed a subconscious desire to put harmful chemicals into my body, and McDonald’s seemed like the place to get that little job done. Then, finally, when almost everyone else at the church had gone home and I still had stuff I wanted to finish, I felt some coffee might be useful – and by golly, there’s a McDonald’s next door. Like most of MD’s food items, their coffee falls into the “better than nothing” category.

3.  I’m in a mental funk right now. I’m sure I’ll pull out of it soon, but for now, I’m funky. And not in a good, musician way. I’m just bummed in general and not fun to be around. We all have people in our lives that we’ve had to forgive, and then they just seem to keep getting brought back to our attention again. Then we see just how messed up we are from whatever the thing was, and it’s almost like we’ve accomplished no forgiveness whatsoever and we’re almost back to square one.  All that to say, I’m really mad at some people right now, who I thought I was through being mad at,  and trying to work through it.

4.  Courtney had a guy over tonight, who seems very kind, gentle and respectful. He has goals, and comes from a nice family. However, none of that will stop me from disliking him. It’s my job.

5.  I spent the morning with Crossroad Christian Academy, rehearsing their Christmas Celebration which will happen in a few days. It was a nice program, but for me, the ultimate CCA Christmas Program moment happened two years ago, when a young African-American girl, playing the role of Mary, said something like, “How’m I pothed to give burf to the Thun of God?” (Translation: How am I supposed to give birth to the Son of God?)

6.  Good, honest friends are rare. I thank God for the few we have, who have played a role these past few weeks. You know who you are.

7.  I shifted mental gears too many times today, and by the end of the day I was having trouble with it… Morning with Crossroad Christian Academy, early afternoon at Mattel Toys, mid-late afternoon at Crossroad Church, then a quick stop at Sam Ash Music and Trader Joe’s, and finally home – to spend two hours getting ready to teach school tomorrow.

I have to work on simplifying my life. I guess that would be thing #8.


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2 Responses to An Attempt at Blogging with the “Seven Things” Thing

  1. joannmski says:

    I hope that #8 happens before #1 happens. I am happy about #2, that would be a good day for me. Sad about #3. Witholding judgement about #4 until which time said boy proves himself. I wish you more of #6 and less of #7.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    My brotha! In response to your list:
    #1) This flu is proof there is a devil.
    #2) Lucky! The #2 meal deal is proof there is a God!
    #3) Haven’t we all been caught in that hamster wheel! I’m so sorry that you’re having to re-deal with this stuff. I know that God will be faithful and lovingly lead you to a better, comforting place. In the meantime, know that we who love you so very much are praying and holding you close in our hearts.
    #4) Remind said guy that while you may appear to be white (okay, very white) tell him you’re actually Sicilian.
    #5) Priceless!
    #6) I hope I’m part of #6! 🙂 If not…I’ll try harder!
    #7) I can totally relate!!
    #8) If you start a support group for this, I’ll come! 🙂
    I’m not a doctor but this is my prescription: View “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as many times a day as possible; re-fill coffee as needed; try the new mint Oreo cookies (they taste just like Thin Mints but are kinda pricey; and remember that we’re all in this life together. 🙂 XO

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