Enjoying Some Doobies With the 5th Grade

OK, let me explain the title. I’m referring to the Doobie Brothers, not the other kind of doobie. If you’re not aware of what the other kind of “doobie” is, ask around. Very soon, someone will be able to tell you.

In my 4th and 5th grade classes at school, I’ve been telling them about some of the more influential musical artists from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. I’m pretty much done with that topic now, but the other day it occurred to me that I forgot to mention the Doobie Brothers. So in 5th grade on Thursday (not in 4th, because they were busy with other stuff), I had a conversation with them that went something like this:

Me:  Guys, when we were talking about the 70’s and 80’s, I forgot to mention a group to you that I really liked. I want to talk to you about the Doobie Brothers.

Random Student:  Were they in the same family?

Me: No. Anyway, the Doobie Brothers were…

Other Random Student (interrupting me): Weren’t they brothers?

Me: No. They just called themselves that. Here’s a picture of them; they don’t look anything alike.

(Let me add here that my Powerpoint picture of the Doobies from the late 70’s includes at least one “brother” among them, but that was a different kind of “brother.”)

Me: (continuing on with stuff about the Doobies…)

Other Random Interrupting Student: So why did they call themselves the Doobie Brothers?

Me: You know, it’s just a name they came up with. Anyway… Let me play some of their music (at which time I played clips of “Blackwater,” “Takin’ It To the Streets” and “Minute By Minute”).

Random Student: Why won’t you tell us why they were the Doobie Brotherrs?

Me: (attempting to ignore the question) – Let me show you this cool YouTube Video of the Doobies from one of their later reunion concerts (click here to see it).

Other entirely different student, after video, as though it hadn’t been asked already: Mr. Miller, why were they called the Doobie Brothers?

In conclusion, let me just say that the 5th grade class knows a little more about drugs now than they knew prior to last Thursday.


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3 Responses to Enjoying Some Doobies With the 5th Grade

  1. joannmski says:

    Hey! Welcome back to blogging. Nice to hear you again.

    Are you going to do a rastafarian unit with them to complete the education?

  2. charleysblog says:

    Maybe. I know where I can borrow a couple of steel drums, which would really freak out the librarian next door to my classroom.

  3. michele says:

    Welcome back to blogging! My kids learned about the Doobie Brothers from The Office. I didn’t have much explaining to do after that episode…

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