American Idol Rant

To the producers of American Idol – Let me just say to you what the contestants would probably LIKE to say to you, but can’t…

What the heck are you guys thinking about?

Although I (reluctantly) have to admit that Neil Diamond and even Dolly Parton have written a few good songs (along with a lot of bad songs in Dolly’s case and a lot of strange songs, in Neil’s case)…

…American Idol is supposed to be for new, young, RELEVANT singers. Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton, even though they are still working, don’t fit that description. Their songs don’t portray these young singers in a good light; it’s not the right fit. Neil Diamond night was pretty much a disaster for all of them. And tonight – oh my gosh. That Neil Diamond medley they made the five finalists sing was just painful to watch, and probably painfully embarrassing to sing.

This is a crazy season – there are some really talented contestants, but you haven’t given them much to work with. Some nights, the singers do a bad job on their own; other times, they’re simply trying to make the best of a no-win situation handed to them by the producers.

Rant over.


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1 Response to American Idol Rant

  1. joannmski says:

    I know! and two week of the Beatles, too. These people are not 50 years old. How about a little Prince? or Madonna? or Justin Timberlake?

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