How Courtney Almost Became a Socialist

The Lovely Miss Courtney turned 18 last month and now she gets to vote. She’s pretty stinking excited about it; she’s been talking about getting to vote for a few years now. But not so much out of a sense of civic responsibility, as much as it’s cool to be 18 and get to do adult stuff.

So tonight she was filling out the voter registration thing she got in the mail. In the section where you have to select your political party, she stopped to think about it for a while, and her initial decision was to select “Decline to State.” But because she’s Courtney and lacks the ability to think quietly inside her brain, every thought is actually vocalized the moment it enters the brain. So we got to hear her thought process and it went something like this:

…I think I’m going to just pick Decline to State… but then I can’t vote in the Primary… but it’s OK because I can still vote for anyone I want in the November election…. OOOH, PEACE AND FREEDOM PARTY!!!!

So I don’t really think my daughter is a socialist. But something about the words “Peace and Freedom” just sounded kind of fun and hippy to her, and well, there you go. Actually, her political decision-making process was probably as well thought out as most people’s.

But in the end, she reverted back to the safe “Decline to State.” So far, our home is free from Socialists.


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2 Responses to How Courtney Almost Became a Socialist

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    If she starts saying things like, “Make love not war” or “Groovy”… be very afraid! 🙂 Kimmy and her best friend, Bridget, are both “hippies” which amounts to wearing peace jewelery, jeans with cool, vitange tops, and just trying to be very sweet girls. Wait a minute… maybe the “Peace and Freedom” party isn’t such a bad idea. “Power to the People!”

  2. joannmski says:

    I think Rich used to be Peace and Freedom too.

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