In the Lord

Can someone please explain to me what the expression “in the Lord” actually means?

I’ve heard it all my life, usually in church. In fact, pretty much always in church, or among church people. I can’t think of a single time at, say, a Dodger game I’ve heard someone say, “And now, batting for the Dodgers IN THE LORD,…” But seriously, it’s one of those Christian expressions that has no clear meaning.

I thought of this because this little “Six Quirky Things” thing that’s going around on blogs now made its way to my friend Rich (aka “Father Rich”). The phrase “in the Lord” found its way into two of his Six Quirky Things.

So, I’m just asking for a simple answer – what the heck does that phrase mean? I’ve been alive for 49 years, in church for 49 years, a believer for about 43 years, I have a degree from a respected Christian university, I’ve been a pastor and other church stuff – but for the life of me, when our associate pastor tells us on Sundays to “greet one another IN THE LORD,” I have no idea what he’s talking about, other than the fact that it’s time to go say hi to people for a few minutes.

I don’t have a problem with saying hi to people on Sundays (although I think we should just call it the “say hi to people time”). But I’m just concerned about this whole “in the Lord” part of it. If there’s something I need to do in the process of “saying hi to people” that elevates it to “in the Lord” status, then by all means, I want to do that.

Thanks for your responses.


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4 Responses to In the Lord

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Ya know, when I hear people say this, I think they mean, whatever the person or situation they’re describing, that all of God’s best (grace,love,mercy,etc.) is intended. I think I’ve usually heard the expression,”In the Lord” following or preceding negative comments, as if to kind of redeem the person or situation (does this make any sense??) Well, even if it doesn’t, please just continue to be my friend, “In the Lord!!” heehee XO

  2. joannmski says:

    Now, if you look at your recent posts list, this is what comes of it:

    Rick Warren’s Cajones
    In the Lord
    These Things Come in Three’s
    Six Quirky Things

    And that’s all I’m saying.

  3. charleysblog says:

    It’s true. Pasto Rafiki is leaning a bit to the dark side lately.

  4. joannmski says:

    I think the implication of Rick Warren’s Cajones coming in three, or Rick Warren’s Cajones in the Lord, or Rick Warren’s Cajones Six Quirky Things is making me a little dizzy.

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