These Things Come in Three’s

People die every day. If you haven’t noticed that, let me be the first to point it out to you. However, as a friend of mine in high school told me once, “these things come in three’s,” which was probably something his weird dad said.

Anyway, the point was that deaths of famous people tend to come in three’s. And ever since that was pointed out to me all those years ago, I’ve noticed that every so often it actually works that way.

One example a few years ago was in 2005, when Terry Schiavo, Pope John Paul II and Johnny Cochran all died within a few weeks of each other. (Mabel the Dog pointed this out in her April 1, 2005 post).

Well, we are currently experiencing that strange state of affairs again. Last week we lost comedian Bernie Mac, followed only a few days later by singer Isaac Hayes. And today, to top it all off and complete the threesome, I just read that the world’s tallest woman has also died. For the rest of this post, I’ll simply refer to her as the WTW.

Death has a funny way of uniting people who would probably never otherwise get together. It’s possible that these three people (Bernie, Isaac and the WTW) may be hanging out at this very moment. You never know. If Heaven has a Starbucks, I wonder if the WTW would order something in the “tall” size (HA HA HA). Or, since at Starbucks the “tall” size is actually the “small” she more likely ordered the “venti.”

And here’s another observation –

If you’re a famous person (like Bernie Mac or Isaac Hayes) or a semi-famous person (like the WTW), you’re probably safe for a while. It will take some time to form your group of three.


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1 Response to These Things Come in Three’s

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    According to the Daily Breeze obituaries, non-famous people tend to die in 10s or 12s. Now I’m worried…do I look like I have a fever to you??!! Stay safe!! XO

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