Making “Classrooms” More Fun

That wacky El Camino College in Torrance is a fun, friendly place. To show their commitment to fun, friendly wakiness, the El Camino people (or maybe just some silly college pranksters) have renamed several of the “classrooms” in their new Humanities Building “assrooms.” HA HA HA 🙂

So today, when I hung out with the Lovely Miss Courtney (LMC) as she went to get her books and find her classrooms, she was one delighted puppy when she discovered that some of the signs had been changed from “classroom” to “assroom.” She said to me, “I hope I get an assroom.” Yep, that’s my little girl; I couldn’t be more proud.

Imagine her satisfaction (and mine) when we discovered that one of her classes is, indeed, located in an “assroom.” Keep up the good work, El Camino!

**Note – the above photo isn’t the actual assroom where the LMC will be; it’s merely an example of what the assrooms look like. Do you think I’d actually post the real room number of my little girl’s assroom for any weirdo to go and bug her?

PS – here’s the LMC carrying her first ever bag of college books, talking to a friend on her phone, and glaring at me for embarrassing her!


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1 Response to Making “Classrooms” More Fun

  1. joannmski says:

    Good luck in school Miss Courtenia!!

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