Obama’s Choice (yawn)

Well, even though the Obama camp hasn’t yet sent out their super-cool text message VP announcement, it’s been leaked… BO’s choice is Delaware Senator Joseph Biden.

In other news, the chronic insomnia I’ve struggled with for years may have just been cured.

 **(I wonder if there actually is a camp somewhere in the mountains; they’re always talking about the “Obama Camp.”)

Anyway, although I’ve had to reluctantly let go of my own Vice-Presidential aspirations, there are a LOT of other people Obama could have chosen, who would have been a LOT more fun. Here are three of them:


1.  That guy who played attorney Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld (actor Phil Morris).  Let’s come to terms with the elephant in the room, people: Obama is Black, which is historically interesting. He’s also got the charisma of a paper plate, which sort of puts a cloud over this historic opportunity.  Let’s get another Black guy who’s hilarious.


2.  Barak’s long-lost Kenyan brother, George. This is an interesting story. Apparently Barak’s dad had another son, George, who has grown up in Kenya and currently survives on about a dollar a month and lives in a small hut. By all indications, although he’s excited about Barak’s notoriety, George seems content with living a reclusive live. Isn’t that essentially what the Vice-President does??? So if Barak makes George the VP, he can help his brother (which gets all those “why doesn’t he help his brother” people off his back), and his brother can set up another little hut down the street from the White House. Everyone wins.



3.  That Tim Gunn guy from Project Runway. Oh sure, the fact that he’s gay would make a lot of people uncomfortable. The Obama Camp is definitely going to have to work hard with the Focus on the Family people. But I just think it’d be cool during those times when the Senate is deadlocked and the VP has to come in and break the tie, and he can march in all dressed up and bang the gavel and say, “Make it work, people!”


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2 Responses to Obama’s Choice (yawn)

  1. joannmski says:

    Oh, I did not know that about the brother. Yikes.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    1. Phil Morris IS hysterical plus he’s Greg Morris’ son, so he’d probably bring cool “Mission Impossible” stories to the party.
    2. I think this George should replace George Foreman on his show. They already have the “George” marketing, and surely the new George could only be an improvement!!
    3. Tim Gunn would make just about a perfect anything! I must say, though, he would only say, “Make it work” because most people who boss people around and use the word “people” in doing so are kinda jerks, and I just don’t think Tim could ever be a jerk! No matter how poorly he might think you’re dressed (which is really good for me!!) heehee
    4. Last but not least, sorry Obama went with an old, boring white guy when he could’ve had a much younger, funnier guy (who could’ve played really cool jazz if meetings got boring or tense!)

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