It Must Be Near Halloween, Because…

1.  Churches are having “Fall Festivals,” or other stuff like that. A “Fall Festival” is basically a Halloween Party, but not according to the organizers of the festival. Even though it’s clearly a party and clearly occurring on Halloween, and people clearly wear costumes to the thing, and there’s lots of candy being given away, it’s still not a Halloween party. It’s a Fall Festival. Keep it straight, people.

2.  There are a lot of scary, bad, low-budget movies on TV. The girls are watching one right now, which I believe is about vampires. Let me just say, they aren’t making vampires like they used to. I remember when I was little, there was a soap on ABC called “Dark Shadows,” about a vampire and all the accompanying issues for the town he lived in. The vampire’s name was Barnabas Collins, and sure he was freaky in the whole blood drinking sort of way, but there were times when he was kind of a decent guy. Plus he was kind of laid back and mellow. I don’t recall ever seeing him get really aggressive with people. Not like these newer vampires, who all seem to know gymnastics, and judo, and have a lot special effects going on.

3.  One of my schools is also having a Harvest Fair tomorrow, which they do every year on the Sunday prior to Halloween. Granted, their thing isn’t called a “Halloween Party” either, but they have sort of an excuse because it isn’t occurring on Halloween Day. I have to spend part of my day working at the event, because somehow I got elected as the guy to show up early and unlock the school. I have such an important job, it’s mind-blowing.

4.  In some stores, usually places like Walgreens and RiteAid, there are displays of Halloween candy, not far from displays of Christmas stuff. Stores like that have no problem with colliding the holiday worlds together.

Anyway, just in case you’ve lost all your calendars including your cell phone, your computer and everything else, Halloween is indeed coming in 6 days. The above clues should make it clear for you. This has been another public service announcement from charleysblog.


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1 Response to It Must Be Near Halloween, Because…

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Ah yes, Dark Shadows! I remember as a kid thinking, “Hmm, he’s the first vampire with acne scars I’ve ever seen.” And you’re right, he did have his nicer moments! I just loved the hairstyles and sweet but vacant looks in the eyes of all the actresses on that show… poor things, they were probably starving themselves for t.v.! And remember the female doctor who discovered Barnabus’ secret??!! Forgive me Lord, but she was the scariest looking thing on that show! Yikes! Sorry, don’t mean to be “nasty,ugly!” XO

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