Being Excited About Someone You’re Not Really Excited About

OK, I’m just going to be direct and honest here.

McCain is losing. I wish he was winning, but he probably isn’t going to win. I know polls aren’t everything, but they are something. And while various polls have various numbers going on, there isn’t a single poll that shows him winning this thing. So I don’t think he will.

Here’s what makes me mad… There are a lot of things about McCain that are good – but really, I’ve never been super excited about him. I like some of his views, and I don’t like hardly any of Obama’s views, so McCain’s kind of the best I’ve got.

And as for Sarah Palin – she’s fun, cute, and charismatic (not in the wacky pentecostal sense, but in the people-enjoy-watching-her sense). (Actually, come to think of it, there’s a chance she may be the other kind of charismatic, too). I share many of her views as well. But since it’s my blog and I’m just being honest here – watching her is like watching a train wreck. She reminds me a little of Dan Quayle; a really smart person, who just couldn’t get it together in public settings.

So it really makes me mad that McCain/Palin is the best we can come up with. I have a co-worker at one of my jobs who is an uber-republican, and is really in love with both John and Sarah. Whereas in my case, if someone were to ask me how I felt about John/Sarah, I’d have to sigh and say, “Sure. I guess.”

It reminds me of a dark two-year period a few years ago when I took a big risk and worked with a pastor who turned out to be incredibly incompetent, and really frustrating in so many ways. And I constantly found myself in the position of having to defend him, and the denomination above him, to people who had trusted me for years. And I felt like an idiot, because the guy just wasn’t right for his position. But I always had to come up with reasons to be excited about him, and I knew and everyone knew that whenever I said anything positive about him, it was just empty.

Sometimes I wonder if McCain feels that way about Palin, now that she’s been out there for a while and has continued to say wacky things. Or, I wonder if Palin feels that way about McCain, especially during the past few weeks when it seems that Obama can do no wrong and McCain is coming off looking like a guy who just needs to move to Florida and take a long nap.

Sorry if what I’m writing offends my vast reading audience. It’s just hard to get excited about people who aren’t exciting.


PS – on another topic, I’m going to loosen up and allow comments to appear right away. As far as I know, I don’t have that many enemies at the moment. So you people need to behave yourselves, or you’ll find your comment privileges restricted again!


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5 Responses to Being Excited About Someone You’re Not Really Excited About

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    My brotha! It is SO frustrating when you want to be excited about someone/something…and just can’t. In the case of this year’s election, time will definitely tell. I’m all for hanging in there…for beating on that poor dead horse…but have learned that I should listen more to my instincts and act on them. The dark, two year period you refer to was indeed that. Writing was on the wall before we ever stepped foot in that church. Again, after two years, I find myself in a dwindling church that I was roped into believing was my job to save and revive it. The pastor is incredibly diligent, gifted and a true shepherd. The rest of the church, though filled with some very sweet and sincere people, is in transition…no outreach ministries to speak of besides Sunday School/youth group. I am dying. I long to be part of, once again, a loving church family that I can connect with, to work alongside them in the community, loving and reaching out and making even a tiny difference for God’s kingdom. I’m so sick and tired of playing church I could scream. It’s now been six years of feeling so up and down where church is concerned. I’m not excited about my current church and am looking to changing or at least supplementing this situation. Life isn’t perfect, church/ministry isn’t perfect, we walk by faith and not just according to “how we feel” BUT if we can’t be excited, even just a little bit, about what we’re doing and where we’re doing it…something is wrong and needs to be addressed. I’m so sorry for this rant!!! Was just discussing my very UN-exciting church experience with Per when I read your blog!! Guess I shoulda had de-caf…!!! Love ya, my brotha!! XO

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear La’Toya,

    You said, “If we can’t be excited, even just a little bit, about what we’re doing and where we’re doing it… something is wrong and needs to be addressed.”

    I think you hit it pretty clearly. Could it be time to just make a move?

    Why don’t you check out:

    …Rolling Hills Covenant (Saturday nights or Sundays)
    …Kings Harbor (Saturday nights or Sundays)
    …Crossroad (sorry, only Sunday mornings)
    …or even Mosaic on Saturday nights at Knob Hill & PCH.

    Of course, Mosaic on Sunday nights downtown is fun, but incredibly LOUD!

  3. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Dearest Tito,

    We do want to move but can’t completely because Tom’s youth group is housed there! So, while Kimmy attends (and she wants to continue) we’ll always have a little foot in the door. We’re hoping to supplement at King’s Harbor on Sat. nights. We know a few people who attend Sat. night and looking on their website, my heart just leapt at all the opportunities to serve!!!! There’s a Mosaic at Knob Hill & PCH??!! WOW!!!! That would be cool, too!
    Thanks for the encouragement!!! God is good and I know He’ll help us move forward!!
    Sasha Fierce

  4. joannmski says:

    Yah. There’s a reason McCain was not elected when he ran in the past! He’s just not that exciting. And unfortunately if he croaks Sarah is not up to running the place.

  5. Jeff Payne says:

    I just tuned the whole thing out. Is it over yet? Did we win?

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