Update on the Insanity

As a followup to yesterday’s post…

Today I laid down the law to the difficult class, in the presence of several other teachers and the assistant administrator of the school. The principal was out sick. It seemed to go well (I think).

But then…

The principal, being the dedicated man he is, went to the Dr this morning and then came to work in the afternoon. He caught up with me just as I was about to take letters to the __th Grade room, for them to take home. He said not to send the letters home – he was changing the plan.

His new plan sounds well thought out, taking into consideration the students who are really trying to do the right things, as well as the ones he believes are the catalysts for the craziness. His feeling is to address those few students very strongly, and see what happens for a few days. (“very strongly” is my euphemism for possible expulsion).

I’m waiting to see what happens when I see these little guys next week.


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1 Response to Update on the Insanity

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    Sounds like “he’s got your back!” In case something goes wrong…I”m still available for hire to come in and vomit!!
    God bless you with all this, my Brotha!

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