The Boomwhackers Are Here

My order from Boomwhackers & More arrived Tuesday (unfortunately too late for me to use them at school that day, but there’s always next week).

Of course, as with any art form, there are some people who are just not sophisticated enough to “get it.” There are some people who don’t appreciate the beauty, albeit simplicity, of boomwhacker music. We’ll call them “boomwhacker mockers,” some of whom live right here in this house.  Boomwhacker Mockers have somehow missed out on the joys of some of the greatest boomwhacker literature ever written, such as “Have a Whacky Day,” and “I Have a Red Boomwhacker.”

Not to mention beautiful holiday classics like “Whacky Old St. Nicholas,” and “Oh Tannenboom.” Oh well. Their loss.

I on the other hand, am a trained professional musician, and an educator. It’s up to people like me to prepare the next generation of boomwhacker-ists and preserve this valuable art form.


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1 Response to The Boomwhackers Are Here

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    All I can say is, “Man that’s whack!” Grateful for what you’re contributing to the next generation musically (oh that the cow bell would receive the same respect.)
    Tracey Partridge (who obviously got boomwhacked at some point in her early development)

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