Possible Gig for Beyonce or Whoever-the-Heck-She-Is

Beyonce has offered to sing at Obama’s Inaugration in January.

I noticed in the story, however, that it’s “Beyonce” who is volunteering, and not “Sasha Fierce.”

Apparently, she’s either changed her mind about the name change thing, or possibly decided to postpone the name change because “Sasha Fierce” may be too fierce for an inauguration ceremony.

Either way, if Be-Sasha can volunteer for the Inauguration, so can I. So if she needs a piano player, I’m there.


***By the way, doesn’t “inauguration” sound like some sort of surgery?    “Sorry, I can’t help with your thing next week – I’m going in the hospital for an inauguration. Oh, I’m sure I’ll be fine; it’s just something that’s been bothering me for a long time, and it’s becoming kind of annoying and frankly kind of embarrassing, and I just need to get it taken care of.”


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1 Response to Possible Gig for Beyonce or Whoever-the-Heck-She-Is

  1. joannmski says:

    Um, good luck to her on getting chosen for singing at the inauguration. Remember how Obama rebuffed your offer to be VP? He is a big rebuffer.

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