Post Election Ponderings

Now that it’s finally over, I have a bunch of questions about the election, and elections in general. Of course, I realize that worldwide I only have about 8 readers, so I don’t know how much effect this will have. But here goes.

Now that the election is over, can we just stop being babies for a few years, and actually live and work together? Can we possibly finish 2008 before we worry about whether Palin’s coming back in 2012 (and what she’ll be wearing in 2012 and who’s going to pay for it)? Can we maybe impose a law that no one can talk about the 2012 election until around January of 2012? Wouldn’t it be cool if a candidate called the Election Office to file candidacy sometime in 2010, and a recorded message answered and said, “The Election Office is closed and will not accept candidacy filings until January of 2012, so hang up the stupid phone and get back to your actual life?”

Can we finally realize that the people who peak long before the election rarely win the actual election? Two years ago, Hillary was a sure thing; now, she’s irrelevant. Two years ago, Obama was interesting, but few thought he’d get past the primaries. Now he’s practically Ghandi, Kennedy, Mother Theresa and Abraham Lincoln combined into one (which will all change in about one year).

Can we devise a system of voting that’s the same in every state, in every precinct? Why do we have to have precincts? On election day, the school where I worked also served as a precinct for that neighborhood. But I couldn’t just go into that room and vote, because that’s not my precinct, even though I actually had to go into that area several times that day to use that restroom. Why couldn’t I just vote in the restroom, since I was already going to be pulling another lever anyway? So I had to wait until the end of the day, in the last hour before the polls closed, to have time to go to my own precinct 4 miles away. Can’t we computerize the voting thing, so that you can just take your ID to ANY polling place in your state and vote there?

For that matter, if we can order books, do banking, go to traffic school and even file tax returns online, why can’t we just stay home and vote online? Come on – you have to admit that our voting system is primitive, and it’s pretty goofy that some states were still counting ballots days later.

Can Obama just once slip out of his eloquent speaking style and talk like a real brother? At a press conference, it would be fun to hear things like, “Man, I already axed the CIA director to lemme get a briefing!”

Now that this Rahm Emmanuel guy is going to be Chief of Staff, does that mean that at Christmas all the other White House staffers will gather around his desk and sing, “Oh Rahm, oh Rahm Emmanuel?”


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6 Responses to Post Election Ponderings

  1. Miss Cindy :) says:

    My Brotha!
    I hear ya!! It would also be nice for people to remember that whatever their particular political views are…God is still in control. Saw a lot of desperation this time around with certain issues…seems like this year people took things very personally. I guess that’s a good thing but not if it causes reason and friendships to be thrown out the window. It’s sad that to disagree is to often be labeled “hate.” Could we make a new law that requires people to agree to disagree??!! 🙂
    Although I respect your opinion of keeping 2012 election talk until 2012…I say, “Vote Charley Miller for President in 2012!”

  2. Keith says:

    I called the election office to add Charley Miller to the 2012 ballot but was greeted with a rude recording calling me stupid.

  3. Keith says:

    Guess this means there are 9 people reading this now. There’s hope for 2012!!

  4. Sharon says:

    Hi Charley,
    Keith is wrong… there are ten people, as of now.
    I was thinking that you would be a good stand-up comic, I am sure it pays well…at least after 10 or 12 years of ‘hard knocks.
    I was thinking about what ‘Last Comic Standing” would look like in Bible times, and thought ….I wonder if the religious leaders would have stoned Charley for blasphamey and then he would not be standing….just a thought.

  5. Sharon says:

    WOW, I reread what i just wrote and thought….I wonder if that sounds like a threat….holy smokes, that is not what I meant…I was just being silly.
    I seriously think you are funny.
    Better watch it though, Christians can’t have too much fun. It leads to all kinds of shenanigans (of which I had to look up the spelling).

  6. joannmski says:

    Now, I was getting all like serious and “yah, that’s a good point” and such reading this, and got totally surprised and cracked up at the Rahm Emmanuel line. That was funny stuff.

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