Possible Book From GW Bush

Here’s a little article about some of GW’s reflections as he showed Obama around the White House.

That must have been an interesting time; I’m sure it always is, when the outgoing guy shows the incoming guy where all the stuff is – the Oval Office, the secret doors, the mailbox, what day to take the trash cans to the curb, the coffee pot of course, and the bathrooms (including any toilet jiggling issues, since it is an old building). He also seemed touched that Obama wanted to go upstairs and see where his daughters would be sleeping.

But anyway, in the article, George W mentioned he may write a book about how tough it was in his eight years. I would totally want to read that book because…

1.  I just have this interest in the presidency – and the people who hold that position. And while I’m sure anything an ex-president writes will be somewhat biased, so is everything else written ABOUT the ex-president. Maybe by reading the works of several writers, the real stuff can be unearthed;

2.  As much as he drove me nuts sometimes, I have to admit I like GW. I always liked his no-crap approach to things. Sure he got a little cowboy-ish right after 9/11, but I think that was the right way to go. I do think he mishandled the war, and Hurricane Katrina, and I think he’s had a habit of being a little bit behind the curve on many crises that have come up. But what can I say – I’m just a sucker for no-crap people.


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