Two Things About Proposition 8

First thing… There is some really helpful stuff at Stand to Reason, which clarifies what the proposition was about, and helps to sort through the distracting rhetoric. Here’s a link to just one item, although if you search around there, you’ll find more.

Second thing… A lot of people who voted AGAINST Prop 8 have been protesting. This is sad but understandable, since the proposition passed and they didn’t want it to pass. However, it turns out that a lot of people who voted FOR Prop 8 are also protesting, apparently protesting the protestors.

Now, I voted FOR Prop 8 (and I’m not participating in the protests). But I have to say to the people who voted FOR Prop 8 but who are out there protesting the protestors…

THE PROPOSITION PASSED. Just go home and be thankful for the victory, and quit being upset that people who disagree are voicing their disagreement.


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2 Responses to Two Things About Proposition 8

  1. beetlebabee says:

    I’ve been collecting pictures of these disagreeing faces during the protests. The ones portrayed in the news are tame in comparison.

    We all had the chance to vote. I’m glad I did, but now to see the side which claimed tolerance and love participate in this kind of bigotry is pretty sobering. The mask just fell off.

  2. Miss Cindy :) says:

    This Prop. hit close to home when a dear, gay friend (with a 12+ yr. partner with whom he’s adopted 3 foster children) asked me if he could count on my vote against 8. When I said I thought I’d be voting “yes” he started screaming (it was a phone call) and said I was hateful, I could no longer have anything to do with his daughter (we’ve done shows together) and that I’d betrayed him. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise and finally told him to please stop putting words in my mouth and yelling or else I’d have to hang up. In the course of just a few sincere and loving emails, and me asking him (because I’m no political genius!!) exactly what this prop. means to him and his specific situation, he softened and poured out his heart. It was sobering and painful to know how hated the Religious Right is, and equally painful and sobering to know that to some measure Christians (with probably the best of intentions and good hearts) have helped created the chasm between the two “camps.” I allowed him to talk and really listened to what he had to say. In the end, he apologized, thought about everything he’d said and even thanked me for this opportunity for maturity on his part (his words.) I thanked him, too, for hanging in there with me…to explain his position and share his deeply held fears and concerns to someone he thought was possibly no longer a friend…He kept saying, “You held my hand when I was so ugly to you” and all I could say was, “Only because you were brave enough to keep extending yours.” It was a very powerful, significant experience on so many levels. I just wish that there could be more discussions like that (hopefully without the name-calling and shouting!) 🙂 Yet…it just shows the depth of pain and life experiences so many gay people have endured. A complicated issue to be sure, I think made further difficult because I don’t think Christians necessarily have that many openly gay friends in their lives. It’s a lot harder to be so “anti” something/someone when the faces aren’t personal. I voted “yes” on 8 because, as I told my friend, I believe God intends marriage for one man and a woman. For those longing for families…who wished they fit into society’s norm…what are they to do? No easy answers. All we can do is seek God and His holiness, which is what I’d say to anyone~ gay or straight. Sorry to go on and on…this particular issue shined a lot of light on hypocrisies on the left, and unfortunately not always the most honest advertisements by the right. I just wish there could be a meeting ground where we could “just get along” and honor the Lord.

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